My name is Al Buragas and I'm the founder of

I grew up with a rod in my hands. My dad used to take me fishing from the first day I could walk (possibly even before that). Over the years angling has been engraved in me and I believe I will remain passionate about it for as long as I live.

We are a wholesale fishing tackle supplier offering a big selection of innovative products and flexibility to our clients around the world. has been established in early 2017 and has been a big success since day 1 for a few reasons:

  • Product quality & price balance
  • Knowledge & expertise
  • Our devotion to good customer service
  • Inventory of innovative top selling items

As we work with clients from different countries around the world, we have team members in multiple locations to ensure the best quality of the service we provide.

We genuinely care about your experience with us - every customer means a great deal to us. We firmly stand by our products, but if you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch and I will personally answer them and deal with your queries.


Phone numbers: 1-888-405-3760 (EST 5:30am - 7:00pm Mon - Sun) from US & Canada,

07920 152 812 from UK & Ireland.